#1 The more Americans see Hillary Clinton this time, the less they like her by ThirstyMan 14.05.2015 18:11



When Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for president, she said she wanted to focus on talking with regular Americans.
Now that she's been at it a full month -- all smiley and hi, how ya doin'? -- there's a growing problem:
The more Americans see her this time, the less they like her.
The ex-senator's unfavorable rating is growing by the day, a new Gallup Poll reports.
In fact, nearly half of Americans (46%) think unfavorably of the Democrat now. That's up seven points, or 18%, just since March, Gallup finds.
And after watching her on the carefully-controlled campaign trail, that sector of people who think of Clinton favorably hasn't changed. Same old 50%.
That should be particularly disturbing to Clinton campaign HQ in Brooklyn because most candidates experience a positive poll bounce after announcing, sometimes a substantial one. Marco Rubio did. Rand Paul. Ted Cruz.
But not the woman who's been on the U.S. public stage now for more than a quarter-century of controversies and scandals. Even Southwest Airlines couldn't load all her baggage for free.
Much of the recent growth in negative feeling toward Clinton has come from Republicans, whom you might have thought had maxxed out on that debit card years ago. Uh, no. In March, 75% of Republicans thought poorly of the native Chicagoan. By April, that number had grown to 83%. Today, it's 88%.
And those with no opinion about Mrs. Clinton have dropped from 11% in March to 4% today, signaling a hardening of attitudes and basically eliminating that small group as a potential source of improvement.


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Oh God please! I most certainly hope so. Who wants to look at her and hear her speak at us as president? Just the thought of seeing this face on our TV drives TM crazy!!!

Yay for the internet! I can control what I take in!

#2 RE: The more Americans see Hillary Clinton this time, the less they like her by Sanguine 14.05.2015 21:51

Well, I'll be! Me too!

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