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A Palestinian beer company?

Via JPost

A new kind of revolution is brewing in the Palestinian Territory. For the first time the alcoholic beverage, White Beer, is now locally brewed by the Taybeh brewing company, the only Palestinian beer company. The 3.9 – 5% alcohol-content White Beer is a new addition to the company’s four German-style beers [Golden, Amber, Dark and Light] and its alcohol-free brand.

The first of a number of beer-tastings took place recently at a popular Mexican-style restaurant in Ramallah, the Palestinian territory’s most upscale venue. Madees Khoury, the Taybeh Brewery’s managing director, plans a full month of similar events to introduce the new beer. “The taste is a bit similar to the international taste of white beer, but with a Palestinian twist”, Khoury told The Media Line.

“How about a taste of our new beer?” Khoury offering a taste of White Beer to a table of men and women thirty-somethings drinking and smoking a shisha [hookah or waterpipe].

Khoury takes pride that the beer is free of preservatives or additives. The group makes a toast before they taste the beer that Khoury had just poured from the bottles. A female taster at the table says she will order it again; while another diner complains that the beer is a bit bland and would prefer a bit more spice in their beer. The restaurant’s manager tells The Media Line the taste is very similar to the “Blue Moon” label beer in the United States.

Khoury is known to some as the only female brewer in Palestine. “Our traditional Taybeh Beer is on every menu in restaurants and liquor stores that serve alcohol, but the new white variety is still too new and is not yet found on all menus.”

The brewer tells The Media Line that posters bringing word of the new offering to stores and restaurants, along with the aggressive schedule of in-house tastings being hosted in eateries are informing customers who are beginning to ask for the beer.

A waiter at the Ramallah restaurant explains that the Taybah beer on draft is more popular than the bottled version.

The company’s slogan, “Taste the Revolution: Drink Palestinian” promotes buying and supporting Palestinian products.

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#2 RE: Bottoms Up: First Palestinian White Beer Hits Market by Eglman 23.01.2014 10:21


Ramallah has a Mexican restarurant--

#3 RE: Bottoms Up: First Palestinian White Beer Hits Market by Frank Cannon 23.01.2014 10:26


...The 3.9 – 5% alcohol-content White Beer....

These rag heads seem to have a consistency problem with their beer.

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