#1 Allen West on Prez's inaccurate "Red Line" comments by ThirstyMan 04.09.2013 20:53


Listening to President Obama in Sweden saying he never set a red line and that his credibility isn't on the line, but rather the credibility of America, Congress, and the International community. It never ceases to amaze me how Obama never takes any responsibility for his actions. He is the leader of the United States of America and he sets the tone, not Joe and Jane. As a leader, he did nothing for all these months and now wants to enjoin everyone in his abject failure and abdication of accountability. I am not buying into Obama's weak attempt of guilt-tripping us. Mr. President, you have not earned anyone's respect to follow you, May I remind you of the result of your unilateral actions in Libya? Also, is it not perplexing that within the last 6 years, Pelosi, Kerry, and Hillary Clinton all sat with and praised Assad, but now they want to blow him up?


#2 RE: Allen West on Prez's inaccurate "Red Line" comments by Sanguine 04.09.2013 21:07

I'm not sure he ever had any credibility. What little he may have had was created by the incredible media.

#3 RE: Allen West on Prez's inaccurate "Red Line" comments by nicmarlo 04.09.2013 21:15

He's a pathetic narcissistic liar!

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