#1 Reports: Senate’s Iranian sanctions bill approaching a veto-proof majority? by Cincinnatus 12.01.2014 16:28


This could prove quite an embarrassment for his nibs and one dealt to him by his own Party. If so the first crack in the solid partisan wall built by the Dems and further proof the wheels are continuing to come off the Obama bus.

As of Thursday, the tally of senators officially throwing their support behind the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act was up to 56 — news with which the White House was most put out.

“If certain members of Congress want the United States to take military action, they should be up front with the American public and say so,” Bernadette Meehan, National Security Council spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Otherwise, it’s not clear why any member of Congress would support a bill that possibly closes the door on diplomacy and makes it more likely that the United States will have to choose between military options or allowing Iran’s nuclear program to proceed.”

As predicted, however, the momentum is only continuing to build behind the cautionary measure, and Friday saw the new count go up to a definitive 59 — and multiple reports are suggesting that an actual vote could see support ranging well past the 67 votes the bill would need to overcome the White House’s veto

"The bipartisan proposal introduced by Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., and Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Illinois, now has 59 senators who have formally committed to support it, a senior Senate aide tells CNN.

But the aide said that the current informal count is even higher – at 77 yes votes – and that more are expected to come on board once the undecided are forced to vote.

The bill could come to the Senate floor for consideration during the week of President Obama’s State of the Union address on January 28 or the following week, the aide said."

The WFB corroborates that count, and adds that even Sen. Rand Paul’s team is not ruling out his support, either. That would leave Sen. Jeff Flake as the lone Senate Republican yet to take a stance on the measure so vehemently opposed by the White House as a disruption to their peace-in-our-time foreign-policy designs:


#2 RE: Reports: Senate’s Iranian sanctions bill approaching a veto-proof majority? by ThirstyMan 12.01.2014 19:25


Well, let's hope the wheels are indeed starting to come off the "O" bus.

Even thought the damage has been self-inflicted, from their own idiocy and NOT the result of any serious Republican offense.

#3 RE: Reports: Senate’s Iranian sanctions bill approaching a veto-proof majority? by Sanguine 12.01.2014 19:30

So, would he be "nibless" then?

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