#1 Formerly homeless Kansas City man buys house, car after online fund-raiser by Sanguine 02.09.2013 18:14

"Billy Ray Harris got an unexpected donation in his coin-collecting cup in February: the engagement ring of Sarah Darling, who accidentally dropped it. After returning the ring to Darling, she and her husband helped to raise money for the honest man, who has also been reunited with family members.

Monday, September 2, 2013, 12:11 PM

Sarah Darling (right) accidentally dropped her engagement ring in Billy Ray Harris’ cup when she gave the then-homeless man change in February.

Kansas City's honest beggar is moving on up after returning the engagement ring a woman accidentally left in his cup.

Billy Ray Harris was able to buy house and car after donors rewarded his act with more than $190,000 in online gifts.

"When I think of the past, I think, 'Thank God it's over,'" he told the "Today" show. "I mean, I feel human now."..."


Cool story. In my experience, the main problem for most "homeless" people is not the lack of a home.

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