#1 RUSH: There Are Jobs Americans Won’t Do Because Of How Much We Pay Them Not To Work by Eglman 08.01.2014 18:33


#2 RE: RUSH: There Are Jobs Americans Won’t Do Because Of How Much We Pay Them Not To Work by algernonpj 09.01.2014 10:05


While Rush has a point, the problem of jobs for Americans is a lot more complicated that 'welfare' pays more than working, corporate taxes are high, and some work is back breaking. There are a lot of reasons we have so many Americans unemployed, underemployed, and just plain not in the work force that Rush has not addressed. Here are a few.

First the real unemployment rate is closer to 25%, if you count all those in the civilian labor force who are unemployed and working part time but need full time, plus those who have conveniently been bumped out of the civilian labor force and need and want a job. They are represented by the blue line.

Then the corporate income tax is a partial red herring. Like many other important issues it has been framed in terms of a false argument. Yes corporates taxes are very high. However the corporate tax slams small business and new business while large corporate, in particular international corporate is very creative in avoiding it.

You can find some of the ways international corporate avoids the corporate income tax here:

Jobs American won't do is another red herring. There are no jobs in which Americans won't do, even 'back breaking' ones. Here are some examples.

There are no jobs Americans can't do. However they can't compete with guest workers who pay no or very partial taxes while shouldering a full American tax burden or workers off shore making 25 cents per hour.

While I'm certain that the $60,000 in welfare benefit goes to some who have just given up, it also goes to illegal aliens, guest workers, and brand new immigrants as well as generational welfare. For a true cost of illegals see Rev's chart and the stats I posted:
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