#1 The Ignorance of American Public Opinion by Sanguine 02.09.2013 17:12

"By Coach Collins, on September 2nd, 2013

by Bruce Karlson, staff writer

There is outrage among the chattering class over Assad’s use of toxic chemicals, and a supine public is sullenly acquiescing. The United States is about to start its 3rd war in the area. One cannot easily discern coherence as to our interests/policy in Syria from the “wizards” currently pretending to be in charge in DC, a familiar state of affairs, unfortunately.

Syria is a mess and one imagines history will show that this administration contributed to it through vacillation and late starting “covert” weapons supply. The Assad father/son tag team is truly evil and guilty of most of the allegations lodged against it. The United States is about to start another war, ostensibly due to the deaths of one to two thousand from a toxic gas. We would do well to remember that the first hundred thousand, to whom we were indifferent, remain dead.

There is lamentable historical precedent for this ginned up, selective outrage:

The most well-known is the furor still simmering over the use of atomic weapons in FDR’s war. Fortunately for the purveyors of this, most Americans were “educated” in dumbed down government schools.

A few examples: Deaths from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima are generally believed to be fewer than 70,000 and in Nagasaki fewer than 40,000. For perspective, more than 50,000,000 died worldwide as a direct result of that war. ..."


He only scratches the surface.

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