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Soldier brings dog home for Christmas
Posted: Dec 28, 2013 8:37 AM EST

VALATIE, N.Y. - A local man, who served the United States overseas, found a trusted friend in the most unexpected place.

The Christmas story is about a small white puppy 6,000 miles away from New York and Special Forces Soldier, Aaron Eleby, from Valatie. While in a war-torn nation, the puppy and soldier found one another, and at the same time, they saved one another.

"We were at a place and those people over there didn't really deserve to have any dogs in the first place, among other things," Eleby said. "I saw him after seeing the other dogs, and just how they treat their other dogs over there, it's atrocious. They are guard dogs. They don't eat much."

However, it was love at first sight for now 7-month-old Yakkul and Eleby.

"He was literally looking up, like, 'what are you going to do man?' ya know, like what are you going to do next? It's your call so," he continued.

Eleby said he didn't ask anyone. He just knew he had to take the puppy with him.
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Awwwww! Great story.

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