#1 Lone transvestite defeates Newark Airport's $300 million perimeter security system by Eglman 26.12.2013 16:59


The TSA spent $300 million dollars on a perimeter security system for Newark Airport, and it was no match for a jilted transvestite.


The Port Authority's pricey perimeter-protection system failed again Wednesday when it failed to detect that a man — dressed as a woman — had hopped a fence at Newark Airport and wandered across two runways, sources told The Post.

Siyah Bryant, 24, of Jersey City, was wearing women's red pants and a smart brown sweater as he allegedly walked onto the tarmac at about 4:20 a.m. after a tryst in a car near the airport went bad.

Newark's Perimeter Intrusion Detection System should have alerted officials to Bryant's presence long before he took his turn on the runway — but the $300 million-plus system flunked.

"The [PIDS] cameras were operating and he was not detected by the PIDS system," a source said.

DHS, TSA, the whole thing is a big joke. They vacuum up tax dollars by the tractor-trailer-full and then fall down on the job time and time again.

I'm sure you're as pleased as I am to learn that while TSA was busily protecting us from diabolical snow globes a Rocky Horror wannabe wandered around on the runways and nobody noticed him. That musta been some sweater he was sporting, eh? Because for all their checkpoint kabuki it only takes one jilted transvestite to demonstrate once again how pointless their depredations really are.

And of course nobody will get fired over this. Nothing will change. The traveling public will continue to be terrorized by agents of our own government, while the terrorists laugh their keffiyehs off.


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