#1 Amazon becomes gender neutral, removes 'Boys' and 'Girls' labels in toy department by Cincinnatus 08.05.2015 15:15


The nuttiness spreads.

"Amazon is trying to get rid of labels.

In what seems like an attempt to be gender neutral, Amazon removed the labels "Boy Toys" and "Girl Toys" from its search filters under the Toy Department. Consumers will only be able to search for toys based on the child's age or type of toy: arts and crafts, action figures, dress up and pretend play, etc.


However, the "Boys' Toys" and "Girls' Toys" buttons still exist under the search bar. The pages for these buttons are also still live. The "Girls' Toys & Games" page features dolls, crafts and pretend play. The "Boys' Toys & Games" page features the new "Avengers" action figures and cars.

Amazon has not released a statement as to why it removed the search terms from its filter. The Daily News reached out for comment, but Amazon didn't immediately respond.


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