#1 Math and the NSA Controversy by Eglman 26.12.2013 09:46


Edward Frenkel, professor of mathematics at the University of California-Berkely, and Australian video journalist Brady Haran discuss exactly how the NSA hacked into our e-mails and social media, creating a worldwide surveillance scandal for the Obama Administration. Although the conversation gets a bit esoteric at times, Frenkel explains how the feds used modular, or clock, arithmetic, and equations with two variables to get their info in this edition of Numberphile.

#2 RE: Math and the NSA Controversy by ThirstyMan 26.12.2013 10:01


"Although the conversation gets a bit esoteric..."

The topic looked way over my head to begin with, but then I read that it gets "a bit esoteric"?

That did it, I'll wait for the Monarch Notes version.

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