#1 Democrats’ deal with the devil comes due Jan.1 by Rev 23.12.2013 19:11


Democrats’ deal with the devil comes due Jan.1

By: DrJohn

You know how we keep saying things will get worse for Obamacare? They will.

To help pay for Obamacare for illegal aliens, among others, Barack Obama raided Medicare for $700 billion.

The most salient fact is that, to pass Obamacare, the president cut Medicare by more than $700 billion over the coming decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). And these cuts are of the worst kind. They are arbitrary and across the board. They reduce reimbursement rates for all who provide services to Medicare patients, regardless of how well or badly they treat their patients. Among the cuts is a $156 billion reduction in payments to Medicare Advantage plans over ten years. These cuts will force seniors to pay $3,700 more for their health care by 2017, according to a study I co-authored with Robert Book (for those who might be interested, the cuts are distributed by congressional district here). The Medicare trustees project that the cuts will drive some 4 million seniors out of Medicare Advantage plans between 2012 and 2018.

Further, the Medicare cuts in Obamacare would slash payment rates for hospitals, so much so that the chief actuary of the program has warned repeatedly that the cuts will jeopardize access to care for seniors. He has estimated that if the cuts go into effect, 15 percent of hospitals and nursing homes will have to stop taking Medicare patients to avoid the large financial losses that result from getting paid at Medicare rates. By 2030, some 25 percent of these institutions would need to drop out of the Medicare program.

Moreover, as Charles Blahous has pointed out, the Medicare cuts in Obamacare aren’t used exclusively to replenish the trust funds that pay Medicare benefits. Instead, they are used to pay for a massive expansion in entitlement spending. To put it in slightly more political terms, President Obama has raided Medicare for $700 billion to pay for his government takeover of American health care. The attack ad practically writes itself, and in fact has now already been written.

The day of reckoning is upon seniors- January 1.

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#2 RE: Democrats’ deal with the devil comes due Jan.1 by ThirstyMan 23.12.2013 22:22


Aside from the political damage to the Democrats, which I could give a rat's hiney about, this is shaping to become a mammoth financial nightmare for all Americans. To what end? so we can insure those who never had insurance? and likely will not pay for it under Obamacare? So where's the gain? in reproductive benefits? free condoms and bc pills? At what cost to the rest of society?

If the homecare industry is driven into bankruptcy because Medicaid is slashed then a major sector of our healthy economy will create a black hole that we'll all fall into.

There will be no bailouts available anymore. The "quantitative easing" [accelerated money printing] will morph into a rate of inflation that will reduce our economy to the level of a third rate nation.

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