#1 Hungry? Print a Pizza by algernonpj 31.08.2013 13:42


Hungry? Print a Pizza
08.29.2013 | Mick Kulikowski

You’re just dying for a pizza: gooey cheese, sweet tomato sauce, blistered crust.

One problem: You’re millions of miles away from a pizza place, flying in some sort of spaceship toward Mars. Domino’s definitely doesn’t deliver up here, pal, so how do you satisfy your pizza craving?

When pizza delivery just isn’t possible – during space flights to Mars, maybe – printing out a pizza could be a good option.

Print one out.

Working with researchers from the Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC), a materials and technology development company based in Texas, NC State researchers are figuring out the best ways to use a 3-D printer for printing pizza in outer space.
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