#1 Six stubborn myths about cancer by Sanguine 31.08.2013 10:53

"There are few illnesses as terrifying in the public consciousness as cancer. With up to a third of us getting cancer at some stage in our lives, it is almost impossible to remain untouched by the disease. As an ominous reminder of our mortality, cancer scares us to the point that discussions about it are often avoided and the language we use is couched in euphemisms.

.....Misguided though she might be, her point that the internet is full of information about cancer cannot be denied. Much of it is dubious and outlandish, but differentiating between fact and fiction can be difficult and a host of myths about cancer have found new life online.

While it would be impossible to address all the legends on the subject, it is worth dispelling some of the more persistent misunderstandings.

Cancer rates are rising

This statement is true in one respect but it is often framed as "proof-positive" that our world is becoming more carcinogenic. Age is the single biggest risk factor associated with developing cancer and as we're living longer it's hardly surprising that rates are increasing. This merely means we are now less likely to die of the host of plagues and injuries that ravaged generations before us. What is heartening is that survival rates have also improved substantially due to more effective diagnostic techniques and treatments...."


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