#1 12 Major Cases When the Major News Media Tried to Tie Public Violence to the Right - And Failed by Eglman 17.12.2013 11:18


After the horrific Arapahoe High School shooting, the Denver Post thought it was essential that they edit the gunman’s political leanings. Pointing ignorant fingers of blame at political parties for acts of violence is simply unprofessional from virtually any perspective.

I previously noted that the Denver Post described the shooter Karl Pierson as “very opinionated.” Originally, it was a “very opinionated socialist.” Even the Associated Press reported that Pierson held “communist views.”

It sure makes you wonder: would the Denver Post have redacted if the shooter had been a tea partier?

Ace of Spades blogger and D.C.-based lawyer Gabriel Malor documented at least TWELVE TIMES since 2009 the media has tried to use this to pick a fight – and they’ve all been wrong.

Conservatives aren’t jumping for glee, or at least they shouldn’t concerning this exercise in media bias. It’s almost agreed upon that a shooter’s political beliefs aren’t relevant, but the Denver Post and other media outlets have made it front-and-center. And the double standard is appallingly explicit.

This lackadaisical professionalism concerning these issues from many in the media is shocking, but they are ultimately contributing to their own demise. They continue to discredit themselves time and time again. I will leave you with this quote…


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