#1 GOP Wins Democrat Seat Running Against ObamaCare by Eglman 11.12.2013 14:42


Kentucky Republicans picked up a seat in the state House Tuesday in a special election. Republican Suzanne Miles edged Democrat Kim Humphrey to capture a seat that had been held by Democrats for decades. Trailing late in the race, Miles made the race a referendum on ObamaCare. Her success in using a federal issue to capture a seat in the state legislature could be a harbinger for 2014.

Republican polling at the end of November showed Miles trailing the Democrat by 6 points. Miles' ability to turn the campaign around so quickly, in a little more than a week, shows the potency of the increasingly unpopular ObamaCare law as a political issue.

Humphrey had strong support from Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear. The Democrat Party in Kentucky poured resources in the race and Humphrey also benefited from spending by a third party group, the Democratic Kentucky Family Values PAC. ObamaCare, however, apparently trumped all of those advantages.

The win gives the Republicans 46 seats now in the 100-seat chamber. The Republicans only need a few seats to take control of the chamber for the first time since 1921.


Read more:http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/...ainst-ObamaCare

#2 RE: GOP Wins Democrat Seat Running Against ObamaCare by Cincinnatus 11.12.2013 15:48


This is good news. Hopefully, it is a forecast of the future.

#3 RE: GOP Wins Democrat Seat Running Against ObamaCare by Rev 11.12.2013 16:05


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