#1 Israel: Iran Forges Latin American Terror Network to Target US by conservgramma 11.12.2013 13:08


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Iran has developed a terrorist infrastructure in the Western Hemisphere to target local Jews and gain the capability of attacking the United States, according to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon.

Yaalon warned that Tehran, which works closely with the Lebanese Shiite jihadist group Hezbollah, uses diplomatic cover to conceal its efforts to foment terror in Latin America, the Times of Israel reported.

“The Iranians use diplomatic mail [pouches] in order to transport bombs and weapons, and we know that there are states in South America, like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, where the Iranian have terror bases, both in the embassies and among the local Shiite Muslim populations,” Yaalon said.

“They built this infrastructure for the eventuality that they will have to act against Jews, Israelis or Israeli interests, but it is important to them as an infrastructure that enables them to act within the United States,” he added during a meeting on Monday with visiting Guatemalan President Otto Fernando Perez Molina.

In August, the Washington Post reported that U.S. and Latin American intelligence officials said that Tehran sought to recruit Latin Americans for espionage operations targeting U.S. computer systems.

In May, a report by an Argentinean prosecutor said Iran was using cultural and religious programs as a cover for gaining the ability to provide support for “terrorist attacks decided by the Islamic regime.”

The report highlighted the work of Mohsen Rabbani, an Iranian cleric and government official who runs programs for Latin American students in Iran, according to the Post.

Sad to say, but I believe the Israeli Defense Minister over what my goobermint tells me these days. And if Iran is looking to strike at the U.S.A. they are - period.

Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll hit L.A. and D.C. first. Clean out those cesspools and we might have a fighting chance.

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