#1 Cavuto: What The 'Fox' Are You Doing? by Eglman 04.12.2013 20:40


#2 RE: Cavuto: What The 'Fox' Are You Doing? by Frank Cannon 05.12.2013 00:19


Funny. FOX News has twice the ratings than the other loser news channels combined. People are voting with their TV clickers no matter how much the Regime blames them for their failures.

#3 RE: Cavuto: What The 'Fox' Are You Doing? by ThirstyMan 05.12.2013 01:33


Well taking the gloves off and challenging those who promote this gutless blame-Fox mantra is the right way to handle it. This is the bully pulpit of the press.
The administration is in big trouble. Now it's not just Fox News reporting on the troubles either. The Emperor's lack of clothing is being reported by CBS, by the papers, the liberal pundits. Everyone is suddenly seeing this guy's nakedness. It's too late to blame Fox now.

Obama's approval rating has dipped down to the high 30's and it hasn't stopped sinking. To "unsafe" levels? That's Business Insider is reporting, "Obama's Approval Rating Dipped Into Dangerously Low Territory Yesterday." http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-app...average-2013-12

I wonder what happens when things are not safe? Maybe I don't want to know.

#4 RE: Cavuto: What The 'Fox' Are You Doing? by Sanguine 06.12.2013 21:48

Cavuto is very good. Mild mannered, polite almost to a fault, intelligent, focused and fearless.

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